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Research institutes

Die Wissenschaftler des Projekts Chalexte

Cooperations with international research institutes

In cooperative partnerships with internationally leading research institutes, scientists at Aschaffenburg UAS work to develop sustainable technological solutions for the economy and society.

The continuous exchange of knowledge and experience with institutional cooperation partners and international research facilities creates valuable synergies for the scientific work of all participants.

Joint international research projects

The research projects between Aschaffenburg UAS and international institutional partners often have a strong interdisciplinary orientation. Valuable findings and experience from the cooperations are incorporated into teaching and thus enable our students to enter the global scientific community at an early stage.

Aerospace research

In the field of space research, scientists at the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences conduct research with renowned international institutions in international, and often interdisciplinary projects.

  • Wissenschaftler der TH AB auf dem Lomnický štít in der Slowakei

    Project participants in the ACCASI cooperation project between Aschaffenburg UAS and the German Aerospace Center are conducting astronomical and space technology research on Lomnický štít Mountain in Slovakia.

Resource efficiency

The Fraunhofer Application Centre for Resource Efficiency is a cooperation between the Fraunhofer IWKS working group (Alzenau, Germany) and the Aschaffenburg UAS. With its work, the working group of the AWZ Resource Efficiency Application Center, creates the conditions for securing the supply of raw materials to our industry in the long term and thus enabling a leading position in high technology in the future.

In the IRVE project, the Resource Efficiency Application Center is conducting research with industrial companies to develop new processes for the efficient recovery of valuable components from e-waste.

Cooperating research institutions