Industry-leading applied research lies at the heart of the programmes and activities at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (UAS). Research is carried out at several research institutes, and specific research activities are supported by the Aschaffenburg Centre for Research Services and Knowledge Transfer, also known as ZeWiS.

The Fraunhofer Application Centre for Resource Efficiency is a cooperative venture between the Fraunhofer IWKS Work Group (Alzenau) and the University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg. In its work, the AWZ Work Group is establishing the basis for securing the supply of raw materials to our industrial sector, thereby ensuring a continued leading position in high-end technology.

Our research facilities include some 28 laboratory facilities (information in German), each specialised for a particular research area and equipped with modern technology. The Natural Sciences Centre (Zentrum Naturwissenschaften) is also home to much research and experimentation, serving as the university’s focal point for student research, industry knowledge transfer, and community outreach with students from upper secondary schools. Our esteemed faculty members actively publish in German and international journals.