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Cooperative doctorate: Stepping stone for your career

Ein Gespräch zwischen der Koordinatorin des Doktorandinnen- und Doktorandenkollegs der TH Aschaffenburg und zwei Studierenden.

Advantages of a cooperative doctorate

Doctorates at universities of technology and applied sciences in Bavaria are awarded in cooperation with a university that has the right to award doctorates. Aschaffenburg UAS facilitates cooperative doctorates and has a large network of cooperating universities. The cooperative doctorate at universities of technology and universities of applied sciences is becoming increasingly popular. At Aschaffenburg UAS, more than 60 doctoral students have already opted for the cooperative doctorate due to significant advantages.

  1. 1
    High level of practical relevance

    A major advantage of the cooperative doctorate for the doctoral candidates is the scientific work in application-oriented research. Many doctoral students at Aschaffenburg UAS conduct research at the ZeWiS (Centre for Scientific Research and Transfer) on scientific issues with a high level of practical relevance. 

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    Specialist expertise through two experienced supervisors

    Through the supervision of research work by experienced scientists at two inspiring institutions (accompanying university and university of applied sciences), the doctoral researchers benefit from complementary specialist know-how and suggestions. The researchers at Aschaffenburg UAS make it possible to do a doctorate in future-oriented research areas.

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    Individual doctoral support

    In the interdisciplinary doctoral college iDok of  Aschaffenburg UAS, doctoral candidates receive comprehensive support in their doctoral project from the very first moment by experienced mentors – from finding a topic to financing options to support in writing the dissertation.

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    High-Quality research infrastructure

    Thanks to the strength of Aschaffenburg UAS as research location, doctoral students have access to first-class university installations. These include numerous laboratories, institutes and research facilities such as the Open Innovation Lab / alp (Applied Laser Technology and Photonics).

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    Doctoral students are members of Aschaffenburg UAS

    This status offers doctoral students a variety of advantages, such as free access to the buildings through the CampusCard.

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    First-class career prospects

    Thanks to the high level of application orientation, close contacts with business and industry are established at an early stage, which not only provide valuable impulses for the doctoral project, but often also open up challenging career prospects. Numerous doctoral students also decide to work as post-docs at Aschaffenburg UAS after graduation. The university's own VentureLab supports visionaries in all phases of starting up a company.

Cooperation network

In recent years, Aschaffenburg UAS has built a large network of cooperating universities. This network comprises of renowned universities from all over Germany. The network includes, for example, the Technical Universities of Bayreuth, Darmstadt, Dresden and Munich, the Universities of Augsburg, Bochum, Bremen, Gießen, Kassel, Magdeburg, Rostock, Wuerzburg and Erlangen-Nuremberg. Doctoral students have also successfully completed their doctorates at the Aschaffenburg UAS in association with the Bundeswehr University in Munich, the open univerversity FU Hagen and the technichal university TU Bergakademie Freiberg.