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Study orientation

Studierende auf einer Treppe auf dem Campus-Gelände

Information for the start of the study

We are happy to welcome you at Aschaffenburg UAS. Here we provide some important information about starting your studies for you.

Bachelor degree programmes

Your studies will begin with the introductory events for first-year students on 04 and 05 October 2023. The mentors of the individual study programmes are preparing a comprehensive all-day programme for your start.

More information on the introductory days can be found on the German-language homepage under the following link:

Bachelor programme "Software Design International"

Enrolled students were contacted by email with information about the start of their studies.

Master degree programmes

At the beginning of the winter semester, introductory events take place in the Master degree programmes. You will receive further information on this by e-mail.

  • Health insurance

    For enrolment, you must provide proof of an insurance certificate from a german statutory health insurance fund. We require the digital notification (so-called M10 notification).

    - If you are not insured in Germany: Please contact any statutory health insurance provider in Germany with your insurance documents. Please inform the health insurance provider that you would like to enrol at TH Aschaffenburg. This health insurance provider will then send us a digital notification.
    -    If you have statutory health insurance in Germany (compulsory, voluntary or family insurance), please contact your health insurance company and apply for an insurance certificate. This will then be sent to us automatically for enrolment (electronic registration procedure).

    -    Privately in Germany insured persons must obtain a certificate of exemption from compulsory health insurance from a statutory health insurance fund. The application for exemption must be submitted to the statutory health insurance fund with which you were last insured, otherwise to one of the health insurance funds that would be responsible or could be chosen if you were subject to compulsory insurance. The latter will then digitally notify us of your exemption from compulsory health insurance. Confirmations of the existence of insurance by private health insurance companies can unfortunately not be accepted. Please note that your decision in favour of private insurance is binding and that switching to a statutory health insurance fund is only possible in exceptional cases.

    You must inform the Student Affairs Office immediately of any change in health insurance during the duration of your studies and apply for an insurance certificate from the new health insurance company.

    Further information on health insurance for students can be obtained from the health insurance companies.

  • Discounted Deutschlandticket for students

    From 1 October 2023, the Deutschlandticket will be available to students at Bavarian universities as a personal subscription at a reduced price of 29 euros per month.

    Students at TH Aschaffenburg can purchase the reduced-price ticket exclusively through Stadtwerke Aschaffenburg. The ticket is issued as a digital subscription (mobile phone ticket) and can be cancelled monthly.

    Information on the ordering process and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the Stadtwerke website at When purchasing the ticket, please upload the certificate of enrolment for the winter semester 2023/24 as proof (in the order process under the menu item "Nachweise"). You will find this as usual in our CampusPortal. You do not need to have us fill out a verification form.

    As it may take a few days to process your order, please apply for your discount ticket as early as possible. Please remember to cancel an existing subscription/annual ticket (Deutschlandticket, Jahreskarte, etc.) in good time. This is especially important if you do not purchase this subscription through Stadtwerke Aschaffenburg. For the Deutschlandticket, notice of cancellation must be given no later than the 10th day of the month in which the subscription is due to end.

    If you have any questions about the discount ticket that are not answered on the above Stadtwerke pages, please contact the Stadtwerke customer service  directly.

  • Preparatory courses of the Faculty of Engineering

    Maths pre-course

    The pre-course in mathematics will take place from 25 to 29 September and is recommended for all prospective freshmen in engineering. School basics are repeated on which the regular mathematics lectures will build. In addition, the preliminary course offers the opportunity to get to know each other and make initial contacts.

    In the morning, the theory is repeated in two parallel groups with experienced lecturers, and examples and exercises are also calculated. In the afternoon, additional exercises take place in smaller groups with tutors from higher semesters. There is also the opportunity to ask more general questions about studying and to get tips from students from higher semesters.

    The preliminary course lasts 5 days and takes place from 9 am to 5 pm. The first date is on Monday, 25 September 2023 at 9 a.m. in room 02/203 or 02/213.

    You can register by sending an email to vorkurse.iw(at)

  • Preparatory courses of the Faculty of Business and Law

    English Pre-Course

    Level 1 (2 weeks, 18 - 29 September 2023):
    It has been a while since your last English course (e.g. due to training, employment and/or family phase after leaving school) and you would like to refresh and stabilise your English skills before starting your studies.

    Teacher: Ms Wagner
    Date: Monday 18 September to Friday 29 September
    Time: 09:00 hrs to 12:15 hrs
    Room: in presence on the campus in Aschaffenburg
    Monday to Friday 18 - 22 September --> Room 20/111
    Monday to Wednesday 25 - 27 September --> Room 41/E06
    Thursday to Friday 28 - 29 September --> Room 20/E14

    Level 2 (1 week, 25 - 29 September 2023):
    English was not your favourite subject at school, you sometimes still feel insecure with the English language and would like to repeat and consolidate the most important things before starting your studies.

    Lecturer: Ms Hohmann
    Date: Monday 25 September to Friday 29 September
    Time: 14:00 hrs to 17:15 hrs
    Room: in presence on the campus in Aschaffenburg
    Monday and Tuesday 25 + 26 September --> Room 41/E06
    Wednesday to Friday 27 - 29 September --> Room 20/E14

    Please register by email to dekanatwr(at) by 10 September 2023 at the latest.

  • Lecture timetables

    The lecture timetables for the winter semester 2023/2024 can be found on our German language homepage under the following link:

  • Login data and CampusCard

    You will receive your login data for the IT systems of the TH Aschaffenburg during the introductory events. With this login, you can access all systems for students (enrolment procedures, Moodle, etc.). In future, you will also use this student login to access the CampusPortal.

    You will also receive your CampusCard (chip card) during the introductory events. The CampusCard has a variety of functions:

    • Student ID
    • Access to buildings & PC rooms
    • Library card
    • Electronic wallet (can be topped up with Girocard or cash) for all payments on campus
    • Display/add print credits at the self-service terminal
    • FollowMe print/scan services

Study information day on April 20, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Saturday, April 20, 2024 | 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. | on site and online

What can I study in Aschaffenburg, which degree program is right for me and what makes the TH Aschaffenburg special?
Making the right decision for your professional future is not easy.
That's why we want to help you and provide you with comprehensive information.

You will get to know our degree programs in person or online and also find out important things about financing your studies and a study or internship semester abroad.
You can either visit our university live on site or take a virtual tour of the campus.

Get into a conversation with us!

At our information stands, for example, you can talk to students and alumni and get first-hand information about your future studies.
You can also find out about the student life offers at the TH Aschaffenburg.
The Green Office will be presenting the university's current sustainability projects.
The student representatives will give you an overview of the events organized by and for students during the semester.
You can also find out about dual study programs and ways to study abroad at the student information day.