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Study and Live in four different European countries and start your creative and analytical career

Are you interested in the relationships between consumers and businesses or brands? We offer access to an inspiring international, welcoming and collaborative community of students and faculty. With Mercuri, you'll have the opportunity to dive deep into topics at the forefront of customer relationship marketing research and practice. Do you want a new, research-based management education? Then check out this page and apply for Mercuri's two-year master's programme on the Mercuri website! Discover four great European countries, different markets in the EU and their people while studying: Poland, France, Germany and Spain.

Study contents

The 2-year-Master (MA) degree programme features four semesters in different attractive destinations in Europe. The first semester starts in Poland followed by the second semester in France (year 1). After the summer break students move to Germany or their third semester there before completing their last semester in Spain (year 2). 

Each semester Mercuri students gain reliable knowledge of different aspects regarding marketing with a focus on customer relationship marketing research and practice. Courses comprise for example aspects of Psychology and Sociology of Consumption and Consumer Behaviour (University of Katowice, Poland), Services Markeing and Customer Relationship Marketing (University of Grenoble, France), Corporate Communication and Market Research and Data Mining (Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany) as well as a consultancy and internship project and a Master Thesis (under the supervison of CEU, Valencia, Spain). Each semester also features an intensive workshop on intercultural competence building and foreign language courses (e.g. French, Spanish and German). 

An overview of the respective subjects and universites/countries can be found on the main website of the mercuri programme.

Requirements for the Master's programme

In order to be considered for the application, students need to meet the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree (at least amounting to 6 semesters and 180 ECTS),
  • Proof of English proficiency at minimum level B2 CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages),
  • Good academic record

The main requirements are specified on the main mercuri programme website which applicants are advised to check regularly.

International experience and benefits

Mercuri students spend each of the four Mercuri semesters in a different country in Europe and have the opportunity to immerse themselves into different cultures and lifestyles while enhancing their intercultural and language competencies. They start their MA degreee programme in Katowice,  Poland and then move to Grenoble, France in their second semester; in their third semester they are in Aschaffenburg, Germany before moving on to their final Mercuri study destination Valencia, Spain. 

While making a decision about starting Mercuri studies, students will need to become aware that their lives will change forever – this is true especially when it is their first (longer study) experience abroad. Each experience abroad is an opportunity and a chance to catch sight of the world around you from a different perspective. It enriches our experience, builds tolerance and deepens the understanding of ourselves and another human being.

Melania, Mercuri student ambassador is thrilled about this life changing international experience the Mercuri progrmamme provides

The benefits of the Mercuri programme are manifold: gaining theoretical and practical marketing related know-how, learning different languages, making new friends and establishing an international professional network from across the world as well as getting to know different education systems,  professional cultures and markets.

[...] I was then looking for an international Master's that would allow me to develop my professional and intercultural skills while travelling around Europe. During my Master's I had classmates who come from Brazil, Azerbaijan, and Nigeria who gave me a different perspective on the world and my own cultural background. My studies allowed me to build the right mindset to build an international career in the marketing field.


Professional perspectives after the Master's degree

The Mercuri programme will give students an edge over others in many ways: as future graduates they will have gained specific marketing related know-how and have had practical exposure to different cultures, countries and markets. Mercuri students will have developed a high degree of intercultural awareness, learned different languages and gained an insight into different (educational) cultures, regulations and lifestyles. With a double degree/ MA degree recognised in different countries as well as an international network of colleagues, friends, lecturers and professionals these internationally qualified Mercuri talents will have easy access to global markets.

Studying in four different countries allows you to get to know the respective country's culture, improve your language skills, and it looks good on your CV. During your studies, you gain new professional contacts with professors, professionals and fellow students. You can also count on the help of university career centers of each university with your CV and internship/job offers. And who knows – maybe you'll discover your place in the world?


Why it is a good decision to study Mercuri at TH AB

  1. 1
    The campus is exceptionally beautiful

    The campus is amazing, full of nature, volleyball field and great, lively student life (highly recommended to live in the campus’ dormitories).

  2. 2
    The university takes care of the students

    University of Applied sciences is a student-oriented place, where students are always in first place while making any decisions and you can feel it from the first day.

  3. 3
    Buddy programme makes it easy for you to get started

    Worth mentioning is the buddy program that gives you support throughout the whole semester. It also allows you to meet amazing people and start new friendships.

  4. 4
    The city is great

    The city Aschaffenburg itself is really charming and offers all that you could want – a lot of parks, beautiful bavarian architecture, a castle, and many restaurants, pubs and clubs.

  5. 5
    Practical experience is a priority

    During the semester in Aschaffenburg you'll acquire a lot of practical knowledge through real projects and self-work to which professors encourage very much.

Mercuri students spend their third semester at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences. How is life as a student there and why is AUAS a good study destination? Here is what some Mercuri students say about their semester at AUAS:

Studying at TH Aschaffenburg was the best time of my life and I am saying it from the bottom of my heart. It is a small university and everyone is familiar to each other – this is a great plus as you can make friends easily and professors are very kind and helpful. This place simply gave me a sense of belonging, feeling at home and got me an insight of German culture.


The university is really nice, with the possibility of living on campus thanks to the dorms. These dorms give the possibility to be close to your friends and classmates which is a huge benefit. Moreover, there are a lot of international students. Concerning the program, it’s really interesting, especially data mining which shows us a totally different approach to marketing.