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  1. Lactic acid

    Biodegradable and environmentally friendly sensors based on polylactic acid ferroelectrets with adjustable lifespan.

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    A laboratory employee applies liquid to a sensor using a laboratory pipette.
  2. mainproject

    Information transfer project focusing on digital transformation, sustainability and agile transition to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs enterprises in the Bavarian Lower Main region.

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    The Primavera24 presenter interviews Prof. Dr. Rainer Georg Hofmann.
  3. Exkimo

    AI modelling with integration of expert knowledge for use in industrial processes.

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    AI modelling with expert knowledge for Indusrtry workspaces
  4. Light sheet

    As part of the approved project “Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope with Light Sheet Module”, the DFG is funding the acquisition of a high-resolution microscope within this framework.

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    Professor and staff member in the BioMems Lab at TH Aschaffenburg.
  5. MOSES

    Multi-optical sensor technology and real-time data processing are used to capture the process situation for automated UKP laser based PCB processing for manufacturing inductive sensors of the future.

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  6. dima Digital Manufactory

    The Digital Manufacture supports citizens of the city of Aschaffenburg with applied artificial intelligence to improve the urban living space.

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    dima project Design Thinking Workshop
  7. TransferformKMU

    With TransferformKMU, the Institute for Management and leadership supports regional companies on their way out of the pandemic with further training on sustainability and transformation.

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    Prof. Dr. Erich Ruppert und Joachim Schmitt referieren im Rahmen des Wissenstransferprojekts mainproject.
  8. AdLer: Adaptive digital class rooms

    Through the digital tool AdLer, teachers create networked virtual learning spaces with 2D and 3D immersive visualisation.

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    The project....
  9. LeMoStore

    Configuration, development and construction of the inverter cells of a modular energy storage system.

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    An inverter cell of a modular energy storage system in the Laboratory for Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and Drives.
  10. Sino Inno Cap

    In the Sinno Inno Cap project, the innovation measures of inorganic enterprise development of large Chinese enterprises are investigated.

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    Shenzen is one of the fastest growing cities in the world
  11. DiProLeA

    Development of an end-to-end digital production process with a learning assistance system; procedures for assembly analysis and scene understanding on manual assembly sequences.

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    Two students work on a digital production process with a learning assistance system.
  12. Accasi

    Three Aschaffenburg UAS Laboratories collaborate in combining their fields of expertise to create innovative solutions and establish a Competence Center for Astronomical and Space Instrumentation.

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    Scientists of TH AB on the Lomnický štít in Slovakia
  13. EpiLABKI

    The EpiLABKI project is using artificial intelligence to build an epidemic simulator for the Aschaffenburg region.

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    The EpiLABKI project develops an epidemic simulator
  14. WindEFCY

    The aim of the projects is to be able to better calculate the energy generated by planned wind farms and thus accelerate the transition to cleaner energy sources.

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  15. LOTUS 2: Innovations in laser optics technology for ultraviolet, ultra-short pulsed lasers

    Innovations in laser optics technology for ultraviolet, ultra-short pulsed lasers. The trend towards miniaturization in the micrometer range demands innovative processing tools.

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    ZeWiS employees during the inspection of the metallic workpiece from the hybrid 3D printing manufacturing process.