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Intelligent solutions for more sustainability

The Clean Tech research topic is characterised by an extraordinarily high level of interdisciplinarity. Scientists from the fields of Intelligent Systems and Materials are researching jointly on the development of new concepts and technologies for the sustainable use of resources, materials and energy as well as for climate protection.

Within our research area Intelligent Systems, Clean Tech focus on the development of intelligent technologies and software solutions for sustainable and resource-saving use of energy and materials.

These include, for example:

  • the area of efficient and sustainable energy generation (renewable energies), energy storage and energy distribution (intelligent power grids / smart grids),
  • research into energy-efficient (electric) drive technologies or
  • the development of intelligent sensor and software solutions to realise efficient manufacturing and recycling processes.

Labs and teams

At the moment the lab pages are only available in German. We are currently working on English content for you.


Scientists at Aschaffenburg UAS regularly publish new publications in the field of Clean Tech. In this way, they expand the professional dialog within the scientific community and provide incentives for new research approaches.

Companies from industry and commerce have the opportunity to gain insights into the various fields of application, which provide starting points for further innovations.

To the publications in Clean Tech


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