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Electronics and Electric Drives

Eine Umrichterzelle eines modularen Energiespeichers im Labor für Elektrische Maschinen, Leistungselektronik und Antriebe.

Sustainable electronics for intelligent solutions

The development of intelligent systems is progressing at sometimes breathtaking speed. However, the future of Intelligent Systems also requires the further development of electronic components and technologies. In the research topic Electronics and Electric Drives, researchers at Aschaffenburg UAS are studying the necessary extensions to existing technologies so that the advantages of Intelligent Systems can come to fruition.

The research work includes the application fields of radio, digital communication of autonomous devices as well as semiconductor technologies, electronic waste recycling and the development of efficient motors.

Labs and teams

At the moment the lab pages are only available in German. We are currently working on English content for you.


By publishing the research results in the field of Electronics and Electric Drives, the scientists of Aschaffenburg UAS enable companies, scientific institutions and the interested public to gain insight into the further development of electronic components and technologies for the applications of intelligent systems.

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