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Intelligent Mobility

Ein Forschungsfahrzeug ist mit Sensoren ausgestattet, die Daten sammeln.

Exploring the mobility of tomorrow

In the field of Intelligent Mobility, scientists at Aschaffenburg UAS research solutions for future mobility with the aim of moving people and goods safely, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. Central challenges in the field of autonomous vehicles are safety and targeted cooperation between all road users.

The research activities focus on sensor signal processing for reliable detection of the vehicle environment, innovative control algorithms for automating vehicle guidance and acoustic signal processing for optimising human-machine interaction. Energy efficiency requirements also play an extremely important role in this research area.



    Improvement of the overall success of engineering projects in the EU through the development of cross-functional skills of all participating team members.

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  • mainproject

    Information transfer project focusing on digital transformation, sustainability and agile transition to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs enterprises in the Bavarian Lower Main region.

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  • Exkimo

    AI modelling with integration of expert knowledge for use in industrial processes.

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  • Light sheet

    As part of the approved project “Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope with Light Sheet Module”, the DFG is funding the acquisition of a high-resolution microscope within this framework.

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    Multi-optical sensor technology and real-time data processing are used to capture the process situation for automated UKP laser based PCB processing for manufacturing inductive sensors of the future.

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  • dima Digital Manufactory

    The Digital Manufacture supports citizens of the city of Aschaffenburg with applied artificial intelligence to improve the urban living space.

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  • TransferformKMU

    With TransferformKMU, the Institute for Management and leadership supports regional companies on their way out of the pandemic with further training on sustainability and transformation.

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  • AdLer: Adaptive digital class rooms

    Through the digital tool AdLer, teachers create networked virtual learning spaces with 2D and 3D immersive visualisation.

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  • LeMoStore

    Configuration, development and construction of the inverter cells of a modular energy storage system.

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By publishing research results in the field of Intelligent Mobility, we are actively contributing to improving the mobility of our future. With the common goal of increasing safety, enhancing sustainability and improving efficiency, we provide companies, communities and interested private individuals insights into possible applications and thus create starting points for further innovation.

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