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Courses for exchange students

Internationale Austauschstudierende auf dem Campus

Students coming to Aschaffenburg for one or two exchange semesters can study entirely in English. Our English-taught modules take place almost exclusively on our main campus in Aschaffenburg. We also have two smaller locations in Aschaffenburg and a campus in Miltenberg, which is located 40 km from Aschaffenburg.

Modules taught in English

Exchange students should identify their main department at the application stage and select the majority of their modules from that department. It may be possible to take modules from another department if you meet the prerequisites and there are no scheduling conflicts. Priority may be given to exchange students from the corresponding department.

Please list all classes you would like to take in order of preference in your online application. We recommend some flexibility with regards to course selection in case any modules need to be changed on arrival, due to course conflicts for instance.

Winter term

Summer term

Learn a (new) language

All courses are subject to demand and will not take place if there are not enough participants. Most of our language courses are taught in German – exceptions are Japanese, English and German courses. The latter are taught in English.

Specialty programmes

Modules taught in German

Exchange students may take modules from our regular German-taught degree programmes. The language of instruction is German and exams at the end of the semester will be in German as well. Therefore, an advanced level of German language proficiency is highly recommended.