Doctorate at Aschaffenburg UAS

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences offers students a continuous academic training career from Bachelor through Master all the way to a cooperative doctorate. At Aschaffenburg UAS, doctoral students are given optimal conditions to work on challenging scientific issues and at the same time gain first-class practical knowledge through a high level of application.

Doing a doctorate at the Aschaffenburg UAS with the help of cooperative doctoral studies

International Doctorates

International students at Aschaffenburg UAS

We warmly welcome international doctoral candidates. First-class research conditions, the familiar atmosphere on campus and close personal supervision by an experienced scientist allow international doctoral candidates to get most out of their PhD programme at Aschaffenburg UAS.

Our International Office cares for our international students and doctoral candidates to get off to the best possible start in their new home in Aschaffenburg, e.g. with our buddy programme.


In addition, the Family and Women's Office provides information about various support services - especially with regard to the compatibility of family and doctorate.

Our research officer Dr. Heike Bruhn will be happy to inform you about current possibilites for your doctoral education at Aschaffenburg UAS.

Cooperative Doctorate

Cooperative doctorate at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

Doctoral studies at Aschaffenburg UAS are possible in cooperation with selected German universities. During their cooperative doctorate, doctoral candidates are jointly supervised by supervisors from a German university and a university of applied sciences.

Aschaffenburg UAS has been offering cooperative doctorates since 2014 and has an extensive network of renowned cooperative universities. More than 30 scientists can already look back on a successfully completed doctorate at Aschaffenburg UAS.

Advantages of the cooperative doctorate at Aschaffenburg UAS

Individual Support for Doctoral Students through iDok

Doctoral College iDok: Support during the cooperative doctorate at the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

The doctoral college iDok offers doctoral students at Aschaffenburg UAS extensive support during all stages of their cooperative doctorate.

Starting by offering active assistance in initiating the doctoral project through to helping with the publication of the dissertation, the iDok Team accompanies the doctoral candidates with a first-class mentoring programme.

Learn more about the diverse support provided by the iDok doctoral college

Young Scientists for a Strong Region

In a nationwide comparison of German universities of applied sciences, Aschaffenburg UAS is one of the most research-active. Through the doctoral programme, Aschaffenburg UAS enables the training of highly qualified specialists and leaders and thus makes an important contribution to the expansion of competitiveness in the Bavarian Lower Main region.

Through regular events, personal networks between doctoral students and industry and business are continuously expanded and at the same time the transfer of research work into business practice is promoted. 

Consortial Doctorate with BayWISS

Aschaffenburg UAS is a partner university of BayWISS

The Bavarian Academic Forum BayWISS as a cooperation platform comprises more than 30 universities - including Aschaffenburg UAS. Between BayWISS and Aschaffenburg UAS there is the possibility of a consortial doctorate. For this, it is necessary that Aschaffenburg UAS and the matching Bavarian university are members of the corresponding BayWISS Joint Academic Partnership. All in all, Aschaffenburg UAS is active in four of eleven Joint Academic Partnerships.

The consorital doctorate between BayWISS and Aschaffenburg UAS

WiKE³ Colloquium for a research-intensive future

WiKE³ strengthens scientific progress through cooperations

The scientific colloquium WiKE³ consists of four universities, including Aschaffenburg UAS, and offers a platform for cooperation in the fields of electrical energy technology and electromobility. These areas in particular require a cross-university discourse and WiKE³ promotes this exchange. Researchers and doctoral students from the WiKE³ colloquium network and thus contribute to a research-intensive future.

Learn more about WiKE³ as a scientific colloquium on Electrical Energy Technology and Electromobility


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