Intelligent Sensors & Signals

Im Bereich "Intelligent Sensors & Signals" forschen die Professorinnen und Professoren der TH Aschaffenburg an der Entwicklung intelligenter Sensoren für verschiedenste Anwendungsbereiche. Im Fokus der wissenschaftlichen Tätigkeit stehen vor allem informationstechnische Aspekte der Signalverarbeitung und Konnektivität.

Die Sensoren und Methoden der Signalverarbeitung werden für unterschiedliche Anwendungsbereiche wie Funkverbindungen, Mensch-Maschine-Interaktionen, Verkehrssicherheit, Biomedizin, Srahlenschutz, Laserprozesstechnologie und Recycling entwickelt.


KI Data Tooling (AI)

IntelligentMobility   ArtificalIntelligenceDataScience  IntelligentSensorsSignals  CompetenceCenterAI

Development of methods and tools for generation and optimization of training- and validation data for AI functions in autonomous vehicles.

KAnIS Autonomous Intralogistric Systems

ArtificialIntelligenceDataSciences   ElectronicElectricDrives   RoboticsAutomation   IntelligentMobility   IntelligentSensorsSignals

Network and automate industrial trucks in order to optimize profitability, efficiency and safety. Development and application of interdisciplinary methods and tools.


ArtificalIntelligenceDataScience  IntelligentSensorsSignals  MaterialTestingSensorTechnology InnovativeMaterialProcessing  CompetenceCenterAI

Intelligent battery cell production with AI-supported process monitoring based on a generic system architecture.

GesInA40 Assistent System

ArtifialIntelligenceDataScience   IntelligentSensorsSignals

Development of a self-learning camera- and sensor-based assistance system for manual assembly workplaces.


DeCoInt2 Cooperative Intention Detection

IntelligentMobility   ArtificalIntelligenceDataScience   IntelligentSensorsSignals

The DeCoInt2 project aims to recognize the intentions of unprotected road users in traffic with automated vehicles using cooperative technologies.


Vespah Improving Speech Intelligibility

IntelligentMobility   ArtificalIntelligenceDataSciene   IntelligentSensorsSignals

Improving speech intelligibility in vehicle interiors using digital real-time signal processing.


VerSpiFah Acoustic Voice Signal Enhancemant

IntelligentMobility   ArtificalIntelligenceDataScience   IntelligentSensorsSignals

Improved voice communication in moving vehicles. Development of advanced methods for speech signal enhancement.


IVRE Innovative Recycling for e-Waste

RoboticsAutomation   IntelligentSensorsSignals  IntelligentSystemsCleanTech   MaterialTestingSensorTechnology   MaterialsCleanTech  

Development of methods for sensor-based recording of waste and electrohydraulic comminution.


AGENS Neural Networks (NN)

ArtificalIntelligenceDataScience   IntelligentSensorsSignals

Development of flexible models based on neural networks (NN), which are able to model the overall complexity based on large amounts of data.



ElectronicElectricDrives   IntelligentSensorsSignals   MaterialTestingSensorTechnology

Development of a multi-adaptive micro-opto-electronic sensor system for liquid analysis (Lab-on-a-Chip-System).


Laser micromachining for the electronics of the future (LEZ)

ElectronicsElectricDrives   IntelligentSystemsCleanTech   MaterialTestingSensorTechnology   MaterialsCleanTech   InnovativeMaterialProcessing

Today, laser micro machining is a key and versatile tool in modern electronics production.


BFS Hot Bragg

IntelligentSensorsSignals   MaterialTestingSensorTechnology    InnovativeMaterialProcessing  

Development of a laser-based manufacturing process for sapphire fiber-based optical high-temperature sensors based on integrated Bragg gratings.

Manufacturing of microfluidic 3D structures in transparent polymers by laser-induced inverse 3D printing (Mikrofluidic)
IntelligentSensorsSignals   InnovativeMaterialProcessing 

In this project, an ultra-short pulsed laser is used to create an internal, freely positionable material modification

iNeutox 3D Cell Culture Models

IntelligentSensorsSignals   MaterialTestingSensorTechnology

Development of human induced-pluripotent stem cell-based, neuronal 3D cell culture models for functional in-vitro screening.


IRAD Human In-Vitro-Models

IntelligentSensorsSignals   MaterialTestingSensorTechnology

Development of human in vitro models based on induced pluripotent stem cells for space radiation biology.


PromoAdd3D Additive Manufacturing

RoboticsAutomation   ArtifialIntelligenceDataScience   IntelligentSensorsSignals   MaterialTestingSensorTechnology   InnovativeMaterialProcessing

Improvement of SLM processes designing a hybrid model using effective parameters.


Open Innovation Lab (OIL)

IntelligentSensorsSignals   MaterialTestingSensorTechnology   InnovativeMaterialProcessing   InnovationManagement   OIL  

The Open Innovation Lab for Applied Laser Technology and Photonics is an innovation engine of the Aschaffenburg UAS.


ASuMED Superconducting Motor

IntelligentMobility   ElectronicElectricDrives   IntelligentSensorsSignals   IntelligentSystemsCleanTech   MaterialsCleanTech

The project aims to demonstrate the benefits of a new fully superconducting motor with a power density of 20kW/kg.

BrainRadiationAssay In Vitro System

IntelligentSensorsSignals   MaterialTestingSensorTechnology

In vitro system for analysis of damage in central nervous system after exposure to ionizing radiation & other neurotoxics.



IntelligentSensorsSignals   CleanTech

The international consortium of WindEFCY aims to develop a system to better predict the energy generated by wind farms, to provide greater investment security and to facilitate the transition to clean energy sources.

ESF EMV4KMU Electromagnetic compatibility

IntelligentSensorsSignals   MaterialTestingSensorTechnology   CleanTech

Transmit basic knowledge about electromagnetic compatibility to SME in order to enable them to apply this knowledge to own products.


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Durch die Veröffentlichung der Forschungsergebnisse im Bereich Intelligent Sensors & Signals bereichern die Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler der TH Aschaffenburg den fachlichen Dialog innerhalb der wissenschaftlichen Community.

Aufgrund unterschiedlichster Anwendungsbereiche der entwickelten Sensoren erhalten Unternehmen durch die Veröffentlichungen wichtige Impulse zur möglichen Steigerung ihrer Effizienz und Nachhaltigkeit. 

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