Stark, Hans-Georg | Intelligent Systems

Managing Director of ZeWiS

Research Area: Intelligent Systems

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (UAS), Germany

E-Mail: Hans-Georg.Starkth-abde
Phone: +49 6021/4206-878

Areas of Expertise

Research Labs & Institutes

Research Projects

KAnIS Autonomous Intralogistric Systems

KAnIS Autonomous Intralogistric Systems

ArtificialIntelligenceDataSciences   ElectronicElectricDrives   RoboticsAutomation   IntelligentMobility   IntelligentSensorsSignals

Network and automate industrial trucks in order to optimize profitability, efficiency and safety. Development and application of interdisciplinary methods and tools.

AGENS Neural Networks (NN)

AGENS Neural Networks (NN)

ArtificalIntelligenceDataScience   IntelligentSensorsSignals

Development of flexible models based on neural networks (NN), which are able to model the overall complexity based on large amounts of data.


MPI² Magnetic Particle Imaging

MPI² Magnetic Particle Imaging

ArtificalIntelligenceDataScience   IntelligentSensorsSignals

Model-based parameter identification in Magnetic Particle Imaging. A collaborative project in medicine and industry.


Curriculum Vitae

since 2011 ZeWiS (Centre for Research & KT)Managing Director
since 1999Aschaffenburg UASProfessorship
2007-2019Aschaffenburg UASVice President Research

Interest in Interdisciplinary Research Topics

  • New medical imaging techniques (MALDI, Magnetic Particle Imaging)
  • Connection of machine learning processes with tasks of clustering and diagnosis
  • Applications of data restoration and inpainting techniques for forecasting processes (e.g. Day-Ahead-Forecasts for energy producers)


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  • Lieb, Florian, Stark, Hans-Georg, 2018. Audio inpainting: Evaluation of time-frequency representations and structured sparsity approaches. In: Signal Processing. 2018(153), S. 291 – 299. Abstract
  • Lieb, Florian, Stark, Hans-Georg, Thielemann, Christiane, 2017. A stationary wavelet transform and a time-frequency based spike detection algorithm for extracellular recorded data. In: Journal of Neural Engineering. 2017(14), S. 1 – 13. Abstract
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  • Bruhm, Hartmut, Fischer, Peter, Stark, Hans-Georg, 2004. Optimierung der dynamischen Bahntreue eines Industrieroboters durch datenbankgestützten Reglerentwurf. In: Robotik 2004, VDI-Bericht 1841. VDI Verlag, S. 511 – 518.

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